Retirement Planning: Ages 55+

Wow, where did the time go! At age 55 and beyond, your children are typically out on their own, living their own lives. The void of the empty nest can be filled by the excitement of being foot-loose and fancy-free again, like the days of dating. Whether imminent or still some years off, retirement likely looms large in your thoughts. But planning for retirement at retirement age brings up some major issues:

How to Efficiently Access Retirement Income

  • How and when to tap Social Security versus company retirement plans versus individual accounts (taxable savings/investments, IRAs, Roth IRAs, annuities, etc.)

Health Insurance Affordability

Lifestyle Decisions

  • Do we want to move to a new locale?
  • Do we sell our current home?
  • Will we work at all in “retirement”?
  • How do we plan to spend our time? Do we want to travel?
  • How much money will we “need” versus how much we “have”?

Estate Planning Issues

  • Do we want to leave money to heirs? If so, how to do so most efficiently.

Long-Term Care Issues

  • Living wills, discussion of long-term care, nursing home costs, gifting programs, etc. A happy, satisfying retirement is made up of many factors, one of the most important being financial security. A financial roadmap is going to be one of the keys to your peace of mind.

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