Trusted Payroll & Sales Tax Compliance Services

Reduce the risk of fraud and penalties by outsourcing your payroll and sales tax compliance, including processing, tax payments and required report filings. All payments (payroll and tax liabilities) are paid electronically, reducing the need to manually cut checks and worry about payment due dates. All employees have access to a secure web-based platform to access their payroll stubs and W-2s. No more interruptions from employees searching for their lost W-2s.

JMR Financial Group also files sales tax returns for our clients based on their specific filing needs. We offer this service as part of our accounting service package or as a stand-alone service for businesses in Superior, WI, Duluth, MN and the entire Twin Ports.

Payroll Tax Compliance

As your business grows, your payroll will become more and more complex. You may find that you’re making adjustments to payroll more often or taking more time to manage the payroll records for your growing employee roster. Add tax code changes to that and it’s a lot to juggle… And mistakes can be quite costly.

SmallBizDaily says that growing businesses typically run into one or more of these payroll challenges:

  • Cash flow—ensuring you have enough cash on hand to cover payroll and payroll taxes.
  • Payroll tax management—understanding what you need to withhold and when.
  • Consistent payroll schedule—paying employees on time, no matter your payroll frequency.
  • Time and attendance tracking—avoiding errors associated with paper-based timesheets and manual processes.

JMR Financial Group can help you overcome these challenges, staying in compliance and keeping your employees happy.

Sales Tax Compliance

Sales tax can get complicated. Do you have to charge sales tax for online purchases? Have there been any statutory rules and rate changes? Are you charging sales tax on the right items? Understanding sales tax compliance rules is just the start of what JMR Financial Group can do for you. We help you implement safeguards, monitor varying statutory rules, and find the most efficient ways to collect and pay the correct tax amount on time.

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