What Does the New Tax Bill Mean for You? - JMR Financial Group

January 4th, 2018

We have all heard about the New Tax bill, and we have heard a lot! WDIO did a story on the number of people in St. Louis County lining up to pay their taxes early this year. The deadline has since past, but many things are still up in the year.

From the article: Auditor Don Dicklich reminds people, “We cannot give legal advice on whether paying early will be beneficial to a person’s tax situation nor will we offer refunds early if it does not prove to be beneficial. I would recommend a person consult a professional tax accountant for that advice.”  

St Louis County Minnesota



With all this news flying around and so many opinions and sources, isn’t it time to come in and talk to a professional about it? Things are changing, and JMR can help you set your finances up straight this year.


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