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investment management

Our Investment / Wealth Management service provides for the continuous daily management of investment assets for individuals, families or organizations who may lack the time, the expertise or the desire to actively manage their own investment program. Services are based upon your individual needs, goals & risk objectives.

Currently, the bulk of our managed portfolios are held at TD Ameritrade and Guggenheim Investments, with additional accounts managed at John Hancock, Ameritas, Invesco, and other institutions.

For clients with Retirement Accounts that cannot be moved to an IRA account we offer an Investment Selection service where we select and periodically rebalance the investment portfolio based upon the client’s specified goals and risk temperament. Re-balancing can be done monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Accounts are allocated to achieve proper diversification and risk management while working within any trading restrictions that may apply to that specific portfolio.

You can access your account in order to follow progress by clicking on the links (below) associated with your specific account.
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For a complete description of Investment / Wealth Management and Investment Selection services and for all JMR Financial Group’s services please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

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