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Financial Planning can be easy with the help of JMR Financial Group’s qualified advisors. We help determine, financially, where you are now, where you want to go, and how to get you there in the most efficient manner. The financial planning process takes into account Social Security maximization and tax planning strategies as well as long term care needs. As outlined below, Financial Planning is desirable at any age:
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For an overview of the basics, click on the appropriate stage of your financial lifestyle below.

Age Range: 15 to 30

Whether you are single and still in school, a recent graduate starting your first career job, recently married and setting up your first household, or some combination of the above, it will be crucial to get off to a good start. Financial planning can be useful at this age to maximize your retirement dollars while reducing your current tax liability.

Age Range: 31 to 55

This is a time of life that can be very challenging and exciting. Yet, it can also be very taxing – on your energy, your skills and your money. You may be part of the sandwich generation, with kids on one side and aging parents on the other, with you in the middle, trying to take care of everything. You may be adding to your family and/or upgrading your home (buying or remodeling). You may be changing jobs and/or relocating, forcing decisions on housing, schools, company benefit plans, etc. You may be getting a divorce. You may be remarrying and blending families. You may be sending kids through school and saving/investing for retirement. Use financial planning to provide for today’s needs while you are putting money aside for the next phase.

Age 55+

Wow, where did the time go! At age 55 and beyond, your children are typically out on their own, living their own lives. The void of the empty nest can be filled by the excitement of being foot-loose and fancy-free again, like the days of dating. Whether imminent or still some years off, retirement likely looms large in your thoughts. This is the time of life when you will benefit from any financial planning that has been done in prior years.