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Growth. Profit. Success.

At JMR Financial Group our sole purpose is to increase our client’s net worth. We accomplish this through the multi-faceted financial services that we offer. JMR Financial Group provides an expansive array of services focused upon the achievement of universal personal and business financial goals. As a team, we will create a plan to lead YOU to: Growth. Profit. Success.

For Individuals:  We can answer your retirement planning questions, prepare a comprehensive financial plan, manage your investment funds and help you address your tax and estate planning concerns on an ongoing basis as we prepare your tax returns each year.

For Business Owners and Leaders:  Our expertise will help you design, implement and administer benefit plans for your employees, helping you maximize your available funds while building a strong business and providing your employees a high level of satisfaction resulting in improved productivity.

We also provide tax preparation and planning services for sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and s-corporations, as well as estates and trusts. Our customized packaged services offer business consulting, financial statement analytics, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and tax services, plus QuickBooks support. These services will allow you to efficiently manage your operations, grow your profits and achieve your desired business goals.

The combined resources and services available through JMR Financial Group provide the most comprehensive approach to financial success for both individuals and businesses anywhere in the Northland.

Our entire staff will ensure you have the right support to meet both your short and long-term goals —

Leading to YOUR Growth. Profit. Success.

For your convenience we have offices located on both sides of the bridge in Duluth, MN and Superior, WI.


Our History

JMR Financial Group is the merger of two strong Northland financial planning and accounting firms: Jablonski-Madill, Inc., a 34 year-old financial planning, investment advisory and benefits’ administration corporation, and Rosenbaum Business Consulting LLC., a seven-year old QuickBooks support, tax, business consulting and accounting firm.

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